The Best Rabbit Vibrator for You

Are you looking for a toy that can pleasure all of your favorite hotspots?  Then you need a rabbit vibrator!  Rabbit vibrators are superior when it comes to dual stimulation and powerful orgasms!  If you like to have your clit and vagina pleasured at the same time, this is the best way to go!  With powerful vibes going up through the shaft as well as the signature clit-tickling bunny ears, you just can’t possibly go wrong!  So, read on to find the best rabbit vibrator for you!

Wave Rabbit

“So much smaller and more customizable than my old one. I wish I had upgraded years ago.” – Amazon Review, 2017

Rabbit sex toys tend to be an all time favorite! It’s like getting the best of both worlds, seriously! This dual thrusting sex toy is going to keep her on her toes! The Wave Rabbit will bring her explosive blended orgasms using its 8 rotating and 8 vibrating functions. Let your G-spot and vaginal walls enjoy the non-jamming rotating beads in the shaft, while the rabbit ears tease your clit. Make yourself cum or hand the powerful vibes over to your lover to let him get you off! Its intense massaging and perfect power combo will keep her coming back to this toy for the ultimate internal stimulation experience!

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Bae Rabbit

Bae Dual Action Rechargeable Vibrator“My brand new favorite thing. The best part is there are no batteries to buy.” – masellee, Amazon Review, 2016

Experience dual stimulation with this powerful rabbit vibrator! Bae Dual Stimulator is a power-packed vibe that is designed for female stimulation. The soft TPR feels just like skin and is comfortable for insertion. The clitoral bullet is shaped like a rabbit with fluttering ears! These ears will tickle your clitoris while the rotating head gives you vaginal pleasure. “The texture is smooth and amazing and also is the perfect size for me.” – Kdawg075, Amazon Review, 2016. Five rows of non-jamming beads rotate and spin to massage your g-spot! The soft silicone handle makes using this toy so easy. Plug this vibe in to recharge it with the USB compatible cord!

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Wonder Rabbit
Vibrating Dual Rabbit Sex Toy

“I would highly recommend this vibrator for any woman who enjoys pleasuring herself.” – Michelle Daniels, Amazon Review, 2016

Give yourself double the pleasure with the Wonder Rabbit! This female sex toy is shaped like a real penis with extra curves to give you even more stimulation! The soft TPR material is phthalate and latex free! “The lower level is great for beginners, but I wouldn’t suggest the high level for a beginner, whoa!” – Stephanie, Amazon Review, 2016. A powerful clitoral extension sits at the base of this vibe for intense orgasms! The long fluttering bunny ears will bound over your vaginal lips and clitoris for amazing sensations! Use the convenient multi-speed dial to adjust the vibration strength perfectly!

Women are raving about the power of the Wonder Rabbit! Read the reviews!


Stroking Rabbit
Thrusting rabbit vibrator sex toy

“I like the different settings it has for rotation and for the vibration.” – Christina, Amazon Review, 2016

Want a thrusting vibrator that isn’t so massive? The Stroking Rabbit Vibrator is a great option for a smaller sized dual stimulator. Though this toy is powerful, it isn’t overwhelmingly large. The ribbed shaft thrusts with 5 different patterns for the most pleasurable fucking of your life! “The thrust feature is a lot of fun, and different.” – felicity, Amazon Review, 2016. Spinning beads positioned towards the head will massage your g-spot for squirting orgasms. There is a separate mini-bullet in a rabbit shaped extension that will stimulate your clit with strong vibrations. The rabbit bullet features 12 different vibe patterns! Try this incredible thrusting rabbit today!

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Lucky Seven Rabbit
Rotating Dual Action Rabbit Vibrator

“This is by far my favorite!!” – Rhonda Gilley, Amazon Review, 2016

Looking for a powerful rabbit vibrator? Lucky Seven Rabbit is packed with power and 7 modes of vibration and rotation. The 5.5” shaft has a ribbed texture that will have you dripping before you even power it on! Enjoy five rows of spinning beads that will massage your pussy while the realistic head massages your g-spot. “This was bigger than expected but it was so a good thing you can say.” – kisha, Amazon Review, 2016. There’s something for your clit too! The large rabbit has a strong bullet that delivers intense vibes. Use this dual stimulator for toe-curling climaxes!

Check out the Amazon reviews for the Lucky Seven Rabbit!


First Time Rabbit

Dual Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy“The shape is really unique, with a greater thickness at the tip where it counts.” – Rachel, Amazon Review, 2016

Clueless about sex toys? The rabbit style vibrator is a classic adult product. Women love the dual stimulation that this type of vibrator offers! First Time Rabbit is a silicone vibe that offers g-spot and clit stimulation. “This vibrator is made with a lovely soft silicon that is quite smooth to the touch.” – Brandee A., Amazon Review, 2016. The rounded head is curved forward to find and massage your g-spot. The two inch rabbit will flutter over your clit to give you incredible sensations! This toy will satisfy both beginners and advanced users with ten patterns of vibration and dual motors.

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Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe

Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy From Pink B.O.B.

“… definitely my go to toy when I need a little hop, hop on, hop, hop off.  I know you will enjoy it.”  –  Girlie G, Amazon Review, 2015

For power and pleasure, check out Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe!  This rabbit vibrator is ideal for any woman who loves the feeling of simultaneous internal and external stimulation!  This sexy personal massager doubles as a dildo as it has a lightly veined shaft and realistically textured head.  Now you can get the feel of a penis with the incredible clit vibes you need to climax!  “It is flexible enough to be comfortable, yet firm enough to give you that feeling of something real.”  –  AliCat, Amazon Review, 2015.  Plus, this vibrator for women has a multi-speed dial to offer you a wide range of sensual speeds!  Choose the vibration intensity that suits your needs for a mind-blowing, dual-action orgasm!

Read the Amazon reviews to find out why Women Love Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe!



Bella’s Curve
Dual Action Vibrator For Women


Get incredible dual stimulation with Bella’s Curve! It has a completely flexible shaft that bends with your body for the most comfort and pleasure. Two motors means twice as much stimulation! The sensual curve makes it easy to reach your g-spot and clitoris at the same time.

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  1. an done, I am so not in the mood for sex. However, I will say that this is few and far between.Toys! Men, don’t be afaird of toys. Women who use, and or want toys, are not saying you are inadequate in any way (that is a generalization of course, because I am certain there are some that are saying that.) For the most part, people are looking for ways to spice up there sex life. Some turn to polyarmoury or swinging. Others turn to toys. Some start having affairs. A lot us don’t play nice in the sand box with other people, so toys are a wonderful way to add a new dimension to your sex life without added potentially dangerous (either STD or destruction of relationship) people to your sex life. I would say 90% of the people in the world don’t like vanilla sex. However, that is all most of them experience. That is purely a guess, I have no data to back that claim up though. Toys, provide a way to get out of the vanilla sex, to break that routine of the same old same old. Other ways are costumes, role playing, or just try different positions. If you are a missionary person, try reverse missionary, try doggy style. Get a Kama Sutra and try one new position it says every week. I personally prefer the anvil, man is it great form both partners. Throw some porn on. Just do something to break your routine and keep things interesting.There is absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla sex, but it can, and does become boring, and that is when people start looking for something else. Take Maureen’s advice, and add in a couple of my suggestions. Always do something different, never let your sex life become boring.

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