Best Vibrators for Women

Whether you are looking for an amazing new toy to add to your collection or just beginning your sex toy journey, it is important that you pick one of the BEST VIBRATORS for your sexy journey!  You need something the suits your distinct taste.  You need a sex toy that touches you in all the right ways.  You need a vibe that makes you quiver with pleasure just at the sight of it!  Don’t settle for something that doesn’t completely satisfy you!  If you are looking for a list of the best vibrators available, look no further!  There is something for everyone on this versatile list.  Here are the best vibrators for women!

Nubby Bullets

nubby bullet vibes

Increase pleasure during foreplay and intercourse with the 5 Function Nubby Bullets. Yes bullets – meaning multiple! This silicone adult vibrating sex toy has dual bullets for intense clit or nipple stimulation. The soft textured tips with strong vibrations can tickle all the right sensitive spots enhancing each orgasm, every time. Use on your own or hand over the remote control to your partner and let them take you through the 5 levels of vibes. You’ll like it so much; you won’t want to stop rubbing the fluttering ticklers over all your erogenous zones. But don’t let it stop at foreplay, bring these sexy pink vibes into play during intercourse! They’re compact size and won’t get in the way of sex!

Dream Compact Massage Wand

Electric Wand Vibrator Sex Toy

“[It’s] Very chic & girly, which I love… WOW! It is amazing. It is very high powered. It looks a bit intimidating because of the size, but really, the size is perfect…” – Kimberly Semien, Amazon Reivew, 2015

The Dream Compact Massage Wand is  the newest offering from sexual wellness company Pink B.O.B.! “Although it is insanely strong it’s definitely not as loud as other wand massagers I have seen…It’s very simple to use, definitely able to bring you to your climax. “Chiara, Amazon Review, 2015

Boasting powerful and adjustable vibrations, an extra long cord for the maximum comfort, and a pliable neck, the Dream Wand allows you to deliver intense stimulation exactly where you want it, for the most climactic experience possible!

Find out more and read what women are saying about the Dream Compact Wand!

Val’s Multi-Speed Vibrator

Vibrating Sex Toy For Women“This is a smaller toy, so if you are just starting out with toy adventures, or don’t want someone to have toy jealousy (this is a real thing, trust me) this is a GREAT toy.  It’s easy to hold onto, and very easy to turn on, up or down, and off.  This toy is waterproof so don’t be afraid to take it in the bath tub with you too!”  –  Ashley P., Amazon Review, 2015

Are you looking for a powerful but discreet vibrator?  Then check out Val’s Multi-Speed Vibrator!  Designed with the portability in mind, this toy is sure to delight!  Tuck it in your purse for daily releases, or bring it along on vacation as a sexy surprise for your lover!  The adjustable speeds are excellent for those who want to build up to the big “O”, and the jelly material is soft and flexible.  “This toy is a great toy for beginners.  It’s a decent size toy and it gets the job done!  I really enjoyed it.  It has pretty strong vibrations and it’s pretty quiet.  I love that it has realistic veins.  It has a soft rubber shaft.  I really like this one I recommend it for all toy users.”  –  Stacey, Amazon Review, 2015

Get your new favorite toy, and see what customers like you have had to say about the Val Multi-Speed Vibe!


Ryder Multi-Speed Vibrator

Multi Speed Vibrator From Pink B.O.B.

“The vibration sensation just send you into another world and your body just loses control.”  –  MEME, Amazon Review, 2015

There are so many different things to love about the Ryder Multi-Speed Vibrator!  It can be used for vaginal, anal, or clitoral stimulation, making it highly versatile!  You will enjoy the smooth, focused tip that will give you super direct stimulation!  This vibrator is also waterproof, so you don’t need to feel restrained to the bed.  Take it into the bath or pool for even more fun!  “A great addition to any toy box…  Undeniable power and pleasure.” – Treasure Schaedel, Amazon Review, 2015.  Do you want something powerful?  The Ryder Multi-Speed Vibrator vibrator is multi-speed, so you are sure to find the perfect strength.  It’s simple yet incredibly satisfying, making it one of the best vibrators.

Why do women love the Ryder Multi-Speed Vibrator?  Click here to see the Amazon reviews!

Mark Clitoral Stimulator

Pocket Clitoral Stimulator “This Clitoral Stimulator is easy to use and super lightweight so you can take this ANYWHERE with you.”  –  MRS. JAG, Amazon Review, 2015

This is one of the best vibrators for any woman who loves clit stimulation!  And let’s be honest; that’s just about ALL women!  The Mark Clitoral Stimulator is amazingly small, making it easy to conceal and take on-the-go!  “It doesn’t look intimidating and is relatively quiet!”  –  Common reviewer, Amazon Review, 2015 The POWERFUL vibrations will maximize your pleasure and help you orgasm!  You will like the metallic nubs at the tip, but for a different feel, snap one of the FOUR attachments!  Size doesn’t matter when it comes to this little vibrator.  You are sure to get the ultimate satisfaction!

See the Amazon reviews for the Mark Clitoral Stimulator!

Miracle Mini Massage Wand
wand vibrator sex toy

“WOW! I did not expect for something so tiny to be as powerful as this is.” – SGV, Amazon Review, 2016

Some of the best vibrators for women are those intended for clitoral use. Wand massagers are known for being powerful external stimulators and now you can have a miniature version of one! The Miracle Mini Massage Wand delivers incredibly strong vibrations through the soft, flexible head. It’s never been so easy to pleasure your clit!  “…this little gal is packed full of power.” – Kristen D, Amazon Review, 2016. An easy twist dial lets you pick the perfect speed for personalized orgasms! This small vibe delivers seriously strong vibrations!

Check out all the reviews for the Miracle Mini Massage Wand on Amazon!

Aaron Mini Clit Vibe

small clitoral vibrator

“It starts off with a pleasant little vibration, just enough to turn you on. Then when you slid it up to max, that’s when you get the full power from this little toy. I was not expecting the power this little thing has. It’s so small that you will be pleasantly surprised.” – Amanda, Amazon Review, 2015

Need a pick me up? Aaron Mini Clit Vibe is perfect for on-the-go quickies! This is one compact little vibe. At just 2.5” it might be the smallest vibrator you’ve ever seen! It features a simple switch to change between the multi-speeds. It’s phthalate free with a soft flexible head to satisfy you in any position you need him to! This clitoral vibe features a cord so you can attach it onto your key-chain! “This is really lightweight, and fits into your purse easily and inconspicuously, or even on your key ring… It’s THAT small. I was joking with my husband and I told him that was where I wanted to put mine…” – Reviewer Girl, Amazon Review, 2015

Find out how women are using Aaron Mini Clit Vibe!

Rose G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrator For Women“Dear women of the world, have you ever had your G spot stimulated?  If not this is the way to go.”  –  Sara Spears, Amazon Review, 2015

For something that satisfies in so many different ways, there is the Rose G-Spot Vibrator!  Do not be fooled by its simple design; this is a fun and powerful toy for all! It has a bulbous head and a slim, curved shaft, making G-spot stimulation both easy and incredible.  It has a multi-speed dial so you can find the perfect strength for you.  Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can have fun in even more places than thought possible!  The large head and powerful motor is also great for clit stimulation, so don’t feel limited to just your G-spot!  “I would recommend this vibrator to anyone who is looking for an amazing feeling.”  –  phat31, Amazon Review, 2014.

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Silver Vibrating Bullet
Silver vibrating bullet

“It is easy to store in your pocket or purse or even hide away. I really like this vibrating bullet…” – Cassandra, Amazon Review, 2016

The most classic known vibrator is the bullet style. These toys are designed for pure clitoral stimulation. What more can a woman want? The Silver Vibrating Bullet is a 3.13” clitoral vibe that has a simple one speed vibration setting.  All you need to do is press the power button and start experiencing heavenly clitoral stimulation! “I really love this little guy! It is way more intense than I expected from a small bullet vibrator which I really love.” – Alex, Amazon Review, 2016. The design seems so simple—that’s the beauty of the classic bullet! It delivers pinpoint vibrations straight to your sensitive clitoris for amazing orgasms!

Check out women’s reviews on this Silver Vibrating Bullet!


Rippled Silicone Vibrator

Rippled Silicone Vibrator For Women

“Perfect toy for someone looking for a little excitement in their life…  this one is like no other.”  –  Kimberlina Floyd, Amazon Review, 2015

This is a textured treat you don’t want to miss out on!  The Rippled Silicone Vibrator is one the best vibrators for women because it has a unique, tantalizing texture and its made of a smooth, body-safe material!  This personal massager has deep ridges that will enhance internal stimulation to the extreme!  What makes this vibe so superior?  It is made of superior materials!  This stimulator is made of velvety silicone that will minimize the risk of allergic reactions while offering an insanely smooth feel you won’t be able to resist!  “It’s made of silicone so it’s durable and easy to clean.  It also has a good texture to it like ridges or ripples.”  –  Frst1free, Amazon Review, 2015.  Plus, the TEN different vibration functions will drive you wild with pleasure each time you turn it on!  See for yourself how great the Rippled Silicone Vibrator is, and why it’s one of the best vibrators out there!

See all of the Amazon reviews for the Rippled Silicone Vibe Here!

Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator

Pink B.O.B. flexible G-spot Vibrator for women

“Having a toy that is flexible, bendable, soft to the touch, waterproof, multiple speeds, and gets the job done – there’s not too much more it’s lacking.”  –  Michelle Hill, Amazon Review, 2015

If you want something that was MADE for your sexy curves and crevices, check out the Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator!  This flexible, multi-speed sex toy is ideal for ladies who crave the feeling of intense vibes on one of the most thrilling hot buttons of all time: the G-spot!  The strong bullet of this simple yet satisfying personal massager is located right in the tip, so you get the vibrations right where you need them the most!  Whether you love the feeling of G-spot stimulation or you want to try it for the first time, this is the vibrator for you!  “I did enjoy this toy.  It would be great for beginners and anyone who is advanced.”  –  Kimberlina Floyd, Amazon Review, 2015.  It is one of the best vibrators for women because it fits your curves with its soft, flexible material!  So, get ready for wild G-spot orgasms and maximum sexual pleasure!

Click here to read the reviews for the Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator!

Clara’s Silver Egg

Vibrating Bullet Clit Sex Toy

“Lets just say I never reach climax as quickly as I did.”  –  Candy Jackson, Amazon Review, 2015

This simple yet fun sex toy is great for anyone who loves the feel of intense clitoral stimulation!  With multiple speeds and easy-to-use controls, Clara’s Silver Egg is a great vibrator for any beginner looking for some solo pleasure or interested in spicing up the bedroom with a partner!  “If you want that almighty powerful orgasm that is hard and fast then get your hands on this.”  –  Frst1free, Amazon Review, 2015.  Use this massager on your clit during sex for mind-blowing dual stimulation!  This is the perfect vibrator for women looking for an easy-to-use adult toy to help give you that explosive orgasm you need!

Find out what people think of Clara’s Silver Egg on Amazon!

Fifi’s Bumpy Vibe

Bumpy Vibrator Purple Sex Toy Dildo

“If you haven’t tried a toy with nubs before, this is a great introduction to them.”  –  purplefrog, Amazon Review, 2014

Get ready for the wildest, bumpiest vibrator ever; Fifi’s Bumpy Vibe!  The most amazing feature this vibrator has to offer is the textured nubs running along the shaft for maximum stimulation and pleasure.  Even the most experienced adult toy users love the sensations offered by this little vibrator!  Plus, this nubby sex toy is multi-speed and waterproof!  Now you can get the intense vibes you love in the bathtub or shower!  “The feeling of the nubs and vibration, plus the [jelly] like material felt so freaking good.”  –  Candy Jackson, Amazon Review, 2015.  In addition to all of that, this vibrator is small and discreet so you can take it with you anywhere!  This is the ideal on-the-go sex toy or just as an exciting new stimulator to add to your collection!

Read the Amazon reviews for Fifi’s Bumpy Vibe!

Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe

Silicone G Spot Dual Vibrator

“I absolutely love the feel of this sex toy. It is soft, gentle, and glides right into place.”  –  Angela Fetterolf, Amazon Review, 2015

If you crave intense sexual pleasure, check out the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe!  This dual stimulating vibrator is just the sex tool you need to start having more powerful orgasms when you masturbate!  It is made of velvety-smooth silicone that you will LOVE to feel in your vagina and directly on your clit!  “As for the g-spot part of this, it works amazing in conjunction with the clitoral part.  The g-spot end also vibrates so you can achieve a clitoral and vaginal orgasms together which equals mindblowing if you have never had one.”  –  user 449008, Amazon Review, 2015.  Plus, it’s phthalate-free, so women with allergies or sensitive skin can enjoy this sex stimulator!

See what other women think of the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe on Amazon!

Liam Multi-Speed Vibrator

Liam G Spot Vibrator For Women

“[I] didn’t even know my leg could get that far over my head while on my back.”  –  scott a landry, Amazon Review, 2015

To experience pleasure you never knew existed, you have to try the Liam Multi-Speed Vibrator!  This personal massager was MADE to contour to the female form!  The bulbous head and flexible shaft makes it easy to get to your G-spot, but it does even more than that!  This sex toy also has soft nubs that tickle your clitoris while you enjoy intense G-spot stimulation!  “Dual stimulation is a beautiful thing… I reach my climax in no time!”  –  mommatippy2, Amazon Review, 2015.  In addition to dual stimulation, there are also multiple speeds to ensure total satisfaction.  Now every woman can find the perfect speed! It’s also waterproof, so you can have fun anywhere!

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6″ Vibrating Dildo With Balls

Vibrating Dildo With Balls

“This is great.  It feels really natural and the suction cup is strong.”  –  Justin & Brittney Johnson, Amazon Review, 2015

You just can’t go wrong with vibrators like this one!  The 6″ Vibrating Dildo With Balls is a multi-function suction cup sex toy that will drive you wild with pleasure. The powerful suction cup base enables you to ride this dildo hands-free!  This frees up your hands to hold the corded remote control and cycle through the seven different escalating and pulsating vibrations!  Find your favorite vibe and ride your way to a mind-blowing orgasm!  “This vibrator really does feel like a real man!  I love the natural life like look.”  –  NOLA Chicks POV, Amazon Review, 2015.  It is easy to see why this is one of the best vibrators for women!  All the ladies are going wild over this realistic stud, so check it out!

What are people saying about the 6″ Vibrating Dildo With Balls?  Check Out The Amazon Reviews!

Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator

Blue Multi Speed Vibrating Dildo

“This is literally my favorite adult toy by far! I have a couple, and nothing beats this one!”  –  Jason Thorson, Amazon Review, 2015

Finally, you you got hands on a man who can keep up!  The Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator for women provides a sensual journey that you don’t want to miss.  Let the veined shaft caress every inch of your vaginal walls as the pulsating head vibrates against your sensitive G-spot.  “One of the things I love about this toy is that the vibrator is in the tip.  It gives a different feeling than other toys…”  –  Amber Goode, Amazon Review, 2015.  What else?  This adult toy has an adjustable speed dial that puts you in the drivers seat!

Find out why women love the Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator by reading the reviews!

 Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand

Rechargeable Body Wand Vibrator

“Wow!  This wand massager is my newest favorite adult toy.  It is super powerful and definitely gets the job done…  quickly, I might add.”  –  Heidi M, Amazon Review, 2015

Who WOULDN’T want a vibe that can make some women cum in just seconds?  The Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand comes with not only powerful vibrations, but also with several different pulsations!  You won’t be able to stop yourself from having an orgasm when you use this intense vibrator.  The head is flexible to fit every curve of your body, making it a versatile sex tool and body massager!  Even if you aren’t in a sexual mood, everybody loves a tension relieving massage.  Have your partner rub you down after a long day and then you can return the favor!  “… I charged it over night and then went to town.  I loved it.  Oh and I also used it on this bad knot I had in my back and it worked!”  –  Sarah Bell, Amazon Review, 2015.  There are so many incredible ways you can use this sexy cordless stimulator, but the end result is always the same:  extreme pleasure!

Read the Amazon reviews for the Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand to find out why it’s a five star vibrator!

Bumpy Betty

Bumpy Betty G Spot Clitoral Vibrator

“I definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a vibrator.  The tongue shape just makes it so much more fun.”  –  No, Amazon Review, 2015

If you are looking for something that is both silky smooth AND textured, the Bumpy Betty is for you!  This tongue-shaped vibrator for women is made of silicone, making is smooth to the touch and easy to clean.  Despite being made of such a silky material, this multi-speed sex toy is covered in wildly stimulating nubs!  The bumpy shaft will feel amazing when you massage your vagina or clit!  It is also wonderfully small and discreet.  “I love this toy and it’s so easy to use and really discreet!  Highly recommend to anyone looking to start out their collection with something really well made and luxurious feeling.”  –  Common reviewer, Amazon Review, 2015.

Check out the Amazon reviews for the Bumpy Betty to find out why women love this vibe!

Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator

Blue Multi Speed Vibrator Sex Toy

“This Multi-speed Swirl Vibrator is FANTASTIC!  It is soft, flexible. and ribbed for added pleasure.  The quality is AMAZING…”  –  Taken by the best!, Amazon Review, 2015

Here is another textured vibe that will drive you wild with pleasure!  The Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator is a flexible, multi-speed personal massager with an intensely “twisted” texture!  This unique ribbing will stimulate your vagina like nothing else!   “… the texture on this set it apart from the rest.  Not only can I take it in the shower with me, but the variation in speed is amazing, as intense or mild as needed.”  –  Miss, Amazon Reveiw, 2015.  But, if you want some realistic sensations, have no fear!  This stimulator has a realistically tapered head to pleasure you like a real penis would!  You get the best of both worlds with this sex toy. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can take it in the bathtub or shower for the wetest, wildest orgasms you have ever experienced!

What do people think of the Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator?  Read the Amazon reviews!

Devon Multi-Speed Vibrator

Bejeweled Vibrator For Women

“Sometimes you buy things just because you like the way they look.  That is why I originally bought this vibrator.  How nice to find out it is also a very satisfying toy.”  –  Caribe7, Amazon Review, 2015

If you are a stylish, on-the-go kind of gal, then you need the Devon Multi-Speed Vibrator!  This sexy vibe is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket so you can have powerful orgasms wherever you go!  “It’s not long, it has a powerful vibration and it’s the perfect size for me to use.  This can go anywhere with you also, because of [its] size you can carry it in your purse or your carry on if you are flying [somewhere] and no one would know about it.”  –  randie1995, Amazon Review, 2015.  The sparkling gems at the bottom goes with any feminine style!

 Click here to read the Amazon reviews for the Devon Multi-Speed Vibrator!

Parker Multi-Speed Vibrator

Pink Realistic Vibrators Dildo

“I was pleasantly surprised by its size and shape, not too big, not too small, and hot pink in color…  This is a great toy and a wonderful addition to my toy box.”  –  CSquid, Amazon Review, 2015

This is the perfect sex toy for any woman who wants the feel of a real penis with the awesome features of an adult toy!  The Parker Multi-Speed Vibrator is a realistic vibe for women that is able to flex to your curves!  The flexibility of this stimulator makes it an ideal G-spot massager!  You will love the multi-speed vibrations while you pleasure yourself internally and externally, but more than that, you will love the realistic texture of this vibe!  This personal massager has a realistically tapered head and a veiny shaft to give you realistic penis sensations while you masturbate.  “[This vibrator] is a cute, playful pink color, with a realistic head, and a vein running down the shaft, which mimics the real thing…  Parker is not going to intimidate you.”  –  Lori Hudson, Amazon Review, 2015. 

 Click here to read the Amazon reviews for the Devon Multi-Speed Vibrator!

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