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Choosing the right vibrater can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what you like or if you are unfamiliar with what’s out there. There are all kinds of vibrators available to women, so you never have to settle for anything less than the perfect one. If you are getting a new vibrator, whether it is your first one or an addition to a collection, why not get the best one for you? Explore the different kinds of clit ticklers, G-spot reachers, rabbit vibrators, and dual/triple stimulators! You are sure to find something you will love!

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Clit Stimulators: If you are looking for something simple and fun, consider getting a clit stimulator. Clit stimulators such as Lola’s 10 Function Pink Bullet are often small and compact for discreet pleasure on the go. There are many different kinds available, varying in size, speed and styles. For example, bullet vibraters are equipped with an egg-shaped vibrator and a remote for you or your partner to control. Other clit vibrators come as powerful wand massagers such as the Lux Wand Body Massager with the controls directly on the handle. These Hitachi Wand-style stimulators are often electric and therefore more powerful. Some clit stimulators are angled, such as the Rose G-Spot Vibe, so you can reach your favorite places with greater ease. If you are looking for a little more in your vibrator, try one that is textured like the Paris Nubby Teaser. Consider clit stimulators with a velvety or bumpy feel or try one covered in ticklers. If you are feeling adventurous, you may even want to get a waterproof one. You are sure to find the perfect clit stimulator with all of these options!

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G-spot stimulators and dildos: Are you looking for a penetrator? There is quite a variety in this category as well! If you are looking for something flexible and designed to fit your contours so you can reach your favorite places, consider a G-spot stimulator like the Liam Multi-Speed Vibrator. These vibrators are curved and the perfect length for reaching your G-spot. The head of a G-spot vibrator is often bulbous to maximize pleasure. If you are not interested in something specifically designed to reach your G-spot, there are vibrators such as the Ryder Multi-Speed Vibrator. Sex toys such as this one are firm and can be used internally or externally. Dildos in a variety of shapes and sizes are also available. Do you want something that feels like the real deal? Try one with a realistic head and shaft, like the 7″ Dong With Balls. If you want something with more of a bang, consider a thruster. These often come with different speed options, so you can control exactly how fast your stud goes! It is all a matter of taste when it comes to choosing your penetrator, so consider your hotspots and pick the one that can hit them the hardest!

Rabbit Vibrators: Is your clit-stimulator missing something? Does your penetrator just need a little more? You are in luck, because they happen to be a match made in heaven! Rabbit vibrators offer both clitoral and vaginal stimulation! Enjoy your G-spot stimulater, thruster or realistic skin dildo while its extension pleasures your clit in ways never thought possible. With a rabbit vibrator, you get both your favorite things in one compact toy. Waterproof options are also available if you like to have fun in the tub or pool. If you enjoy a particular amount of power, you may want to get one with a multi-speed button or dial. If you want both clitoral stimulation and penetration, rabbit vibrators are the way to go. Consider the kind of penetrator you want and get one with that amazing clit-tickling extension you long for.

Dual-penetration and triple stimulators: This is for the adventurous! If you are looking for vaginal and anal pleasure, you should get a dual-penetrator. Enjoy your preferred dildo with a side-kick that stimulates your favorite hard-to-reach places! The anal stimulator is curved for easy insertion and use and can come in unique shapes such as beaded or gradual size increase. Want even more? There are triple stimulaters available as well! Enjoy the exciting sensations of a dual penetration with the addition of a clit stimulator! You will feel wildly satisfied with all three of your favorite spots being stimulated simultaneously! With such a fulfilling toy, you will never have to go without!

Choosing the right vibrator for yourself is very personal, so only you know what’s best! Get exactly what you want by considering all of the different options and features available. Are you looking for simple clit-pleasuring fun, or do you want to go on a triple-stimulating adventure in the pool? Now that you know everything out there, you don’t need to settle for anything less than the best vibrator for you!

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  1. damn I just sent you a comment all about the clone-a line. I’d love to try the pussy vesiron as my cooch is gorgeous. The candle one is a little weird- like one step down from sending virtual std’s over the internet. but the vibrator is great- especially for older women who have only had one penis in them ever. sweet thought before death for some. creepy for others.

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